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“YOUR" Customizable and Personalized Direct Mail & Marketing Collateral Stored online for YOUR organization”
“Your Designs Built on Templates that are Easy to Customize and Print Ready”

Studiotoolz will Create & Design OR convert your existing Marketing Colateral and place them online as a “Template” for your Organization in which you can Customize & Edit.
Your Templates are stored Privately Online in your own Branded, Commerce VPOD website. AND, we’ll give you 10% of the orders!

Put all of your marketing material online so your organization can order what they want, when they want it!
Allow your organization to customize it to meet their personal requirements. We’ll mail it for you, or you can order it to be shipped back to you.

Start your “Print on Demand” fullfilment center today with a “Nominal Set up fee!”
Allow us to be your VPOD (Variable Print on Demand) print fulfilment center for your organization. Make it a profit center for your business! Contact us now!

Print on Demand - "there is no other way"



Converting 10 of your companies Applications (marketing material) into editable and customizable Templates.
• Each application can have multiple Variable (data driven) or customizable sections to include text and graphics.
• Unlimited number of Categories.
Optional Build-Out of your Branded Website. Generic site is offered at base price.
Additional applications will be billed on an average of $100 ea.
Each owner will have access to an Admin Panel. Admin panels allow an organization owner to view order history.
Commissions earned on orders will be generated at the rate of 10%.

Our Services Include

Quality 4-Color or Black and White Printing
In-House Mailing Service
In-House Design Service
Templated Marketing material
Easy Ordering
Stored Personal Data for auto-populating your material & Past order retrieval
Your Personal Image Library• Your Personal Data Library
Direct marketing
"Marketing direct to the consumer, as by Personalized direct mail advertising

Marketing and Direct Mail all at the push of a button

Direct marketing is distinguished from other marketing efforts by its emphasis on trackable, measurable results.
Add the ability of customization or personalization to an Impact Document Fulfillment system and you have a solution that offers truly reader-centric, 1-to-1 communications between businesses and customers throughout the full spectrum of the customer relationship cycle.

Empower your direct sales channels to use their contact lists and knowledge about the customers to personalize contents while protecting your corporate branding.
How does it work?
Choose your Print on Demand Category
Log on and select from a wide collection of customizable templates, AND...
Upload your own photo, customize your text, attach your mailing list, checkout with a credit card. "You pay for what you print"
1 Select your product 2
Customize it
3 We'll mail it, or ship it!
Front Example (same process on any marketing material)
Your announcement
Your personalized message
Choose from hundreds of templates
Upload your own photo
Your name and number on your branded sign
Your personalized message
Back Example
Your logo
Your personal
information and photo for upload
Your tag line or web address
Recipients name
Personalized and editable text message
Personalized and editable text message
Your Personalized closing
Your return address
Your tag line
Your choice of background colors
We're committed to providing a top quality Print On Demand Solution and excellent customer service for our Piranha Marketing members in the cleaning and restoration fields.
- Lisa Wagner, CEO
Joe Polish -
Piranha Marketing
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Richard Carpenter, President
UltraSteam Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services, Inc. View Website
StudioToolz is the online print solution I've been waiting for! I've tried other sites with results that ranged from so-so product to failure to launch and even simply being ripped off! Not here - Andy and his team have a quality, working site that has delivered my newsletter on-time, as ordered, at an excellent price for the quality of the product. In fact, I'm getting ready to log on and do one right now!
Thanks StudioToolz!

Studiotoolz has been great and I'll definitely keep using the Print on Demand site for my marketing materials.  Your personalized help getting me over the 'bumps' has been awesome.  I look forward to a long relationship with your company.
- Dave McKee, Pres.
Duraclean by McKee Inc
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