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What does this mean?
Add the ability of personalization to a Fulfillment system and you have a solution that offers truly reader-centric, 1-to-1 communications between businesses and customers throughout the full spectrum of the customer relationship cycle.

Empower your direct sales channels to use their contact lists and knowledge about the customers to personalize contents while protecting your corporate branding.

Personalization 101! - Get out your pen, it's class time!
It is really quite simple!

There are a few simple proceedures to follow when sending out Direct Mail.

Follow these steps for your optimal results.

Send out a Card that best represents what your product or service has to offer.
Remember, this is your first opportunity at showing your potential customer "how good you really are" - If it is a flimsy, black and white non personalized card, I won't look at it... Will You?
Create a card that will create a "Call to Action". This prompts the recipient to react to something on the card. It may be to call a Telephone #, or type in a Web Address. In either case, it is prompting the recipient to "Do Something!"
Include Personalization on the card so the recipient does not feel like they are just receiving "Mass Mail"
Send out your Personalized Direct Mail Card to the same recipient 3 times in 4-5 weeks. You can alter the message slightly if you wish. Our Order history lets you re-order a past order and adjust it with out having to hire a designer!
Be Consistant! Branding is Key! Find a brand and stick to it. Don't dilute your company's and your hard earned brand by sending out many different looks.
Front Example
Your announcement
Recipient Name imposed here
Choose from hundreds of templates
Upload your own photo
Your name and number on your branded sign here
Recipient Name imposed here
Back Example
Your logo
Your personal
information and photo for upload
Recipient Name imposed here
Recipient Name imposed here
Recipient Name imposed here
Personalized and editable text message
Your Personalized closing
Your return address
Your tag line
Your choice of background colors
We're committed to providing a top quality Print On Demand Solution and excellent customer service for our Piranha Marketing members in the cleaning and restoration fields.
- Lisa Wagner, CEO
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Sending our cards to a distribution list used to drive me crazy, now all I do is click a button!
- Sara Johnson, Quantum

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