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With experience in the Lenders space, Studiotoolz has built and housed many organizations marketing material for all of their agents. Ask us how we can do this for your company.

On each piece you will have the ability to edit the text as you wish and insert "Personalization" tags so each recipient of your card will have their name all over it. You will also be able to upload your own photo into the photo zone."Keep the integrity of your brand, while allowing an agent to add their own identity."

Once you've customized your marketing material you can upload your contact list into "My Lists". We'll clean it for you at no extra charge.

You'll alwasy have 3 options for delivery of your marketing material.
Option 1 - Direct Mail Option 2 - Print Order
Upload your own address lists No List Needed
Customize, Edit, Upload Contact List, Checkout Customize, Edit, Checkout
Choose this option to have your Marketing Material automatically printed with address data and postage, and delivered to the USPS.
Choose this option if you want to order a stack of the Marketing Material you just designed without address data or postage added.

Fill in our order form and the print order will be drop-shipped to you per your instructions.
Option 3 - Direct Mail and Drop Ship
We'll simply mail the pieces assigned to your data list, and print the amount you wish to order and have shipped back to you.
It's really that simple.

Whether you are a Real Estate Professional, Mortgage Professional or
have your own identity we have the Personalized Direct Mail solution for you.

If you are a company and already have branded material - allow us to convert it to editable templates like the example below and store it in your own directory. To inquire about this option, please contact us at:

Print on Demand - "there is no other way"

I have never worked with a design firm that delivered a masterpiece ontime and within budget as we did with Studiotoolz
- Mark Smith, USA Today

Sending our cards to a distribution list used to drive me crazy, now all I do is click a button!
- Sara Johnson, Quantum

Eliminate the hassle out of the entire marketing distribution process!  Let us do it for you!
Using Studiotoolz Direct Mail Marketing Fulfulment solutions and creation tools, you and your organization can Edit / Customize your marketing literature stored privately online by changing the text or uploading new photos.
Pay for what you print, order what you need ! - We'll print and mail it, or box it up and ship it to you!
STOP pre-buying a warehouse full of product and watching it sit!

Create, print and send compelling postcards, flyers or brochures without technical knowledge or an extensive design ability. Direct mail postcard marketing is simple and easy-to-use with our online marketing creation software.

• Don't lick a Stamp
• Don't hire a Graphic Designer
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