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Mailing Lists
Can I attach my Mailing List? YES!
We'll even clean it and put it in your "List" folder for future use.

Once it has been uploaded, you can even make sub-directories for your lists for optimial organization!

What type of file can I use?
Save your Excel or outlook file as a ".CSV" (Comma Delimited) file

Do you supply Mailing Lists?
Yes and No. It depends on you! Ask us!
However, Studiotoolz recommends the following:



The proof is in the pooding....
"At any time, click on the "
sampletoolz" link above to view a small sample of our work"

We're committed to providing a top quality Print On Demand Solution and excellent customer service for our Piranha Marketing members in the cleaning and restoration fields.
- Lisa Wagner, CEO
Joe Polish -
Piranha Marketing
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Sending our cards to a distribution list used to drive me crazy, now all I do is click a button!
- Sara Johnson, Quantum

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