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Convert your eMail application to Hardcopy Direct Mail

With today’s competition you need to direct your focus on more then one medium. It is hard enough to penetrate your end user accessing only one source of marketing. The beauty of today’s hi-tech world is the ability to cross-market your product accessing multiply mediums. We at Studiotoolz believe that a multi directional approach to marketing your products begins with a single brand. From there, you have the mindset to captivate your audience accross more then one medium.

eMail has been today’s crutch to targeting an audience. The "Critical Mass" theory has diluted the eMail marketing stream to nothing more then spam. Our approach at Studtiotoolz is more then saturating a single product or service across a single medium; it is expanding the opportunity of awareness through several mediums.

Taking eMail generated applications and converting them to Direct Mail hardcopy prints allows the user to have a multi faceted approach at targeting his audience.

If you already have an eMail generating software application and would like to expand your product to include Hard Copy and or Direct Mail simply contact us at customerservice@studiotoolz.com.

I have never worked with a design firm that delivered a masterpiece ontime and within budget as we did with Studiotoolz
- Mark Smith, USA Today

Sending our cards to a distribution list used to drive me crazy, now all I do is click a button!
- Sara Johnson, Quantum

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